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If you are planning to repaint your vehicle with trendy colors, it is advisable to get detailed information about automotive paint before performing this task. One of the basic rules that you will have to follow if you choose to paint your car all by yourself is that, a perfect painting tool can make all the difference there is when it comes to painting your car.

The basic rule to be remembered about automotive paint is that a person should always try to work in a good ventilated setting. Fumes generated from automotive paint contain numerous solvents that can be poisonous if you inhale, which can be quite injurious for your health. That is why, it is very important to work at a place where there is free passage of air whenever you try to accomplish a paint job..

To get the best results from automotive paint, you should make sure that you clean the surface, which is to be painted, absolutely dust free. One of the best ways to get rid of dust, is to vacuum clean the place where you are painting a car at the starting of each painting session. Good preparation is a key to finish the task of car painting in a hassle free manner. If you want to get a good finish, then having a plan is quite important. If you achieve a good and smooth finish, then your paint job will look fantastic and will last for a long time.

Before you color your car with the automotive paint, you will have to remove the old paint from the body of your car. Various types of solvent-based color removers are available in market to get rid of the old paint, so you can use one of these color removers to get effective results. This will help you make a very smooth base on your car body to paint it again. To do this perfectly, use top quality abrasive paper and put serious efforts into this task. Once you have created a smooth base, you can begin applying the primer. Use a top quality spray gun joined with an air compressor, because it will be much cheaper in the long use. You can also use extended sweeping strokes in one direction to create a smooth base that can be easily painted on. After each coat of automotive paint, let the paint dry before sanding it again to attain a smoother surface.

After that apply another coat in parallel strokes to the last layer, as it will help generate a smooth finish. The automotive paint is available in two types,

* Cellulose based paint
* Two pack auto paint

You can use one any of the above mentioned types to paint your car, however, nowadays most people prefer to use the Two pack paint as it provides a better finish to the surface. The Cellulose paint is considered to be a tricky to use and is best to recreate the antique style by using it to paint classic or vintage cars.

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